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Competent Person

What Is A Competent Person?

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Throughout Health and Safety legislation, the phrase ‘competent person’ commonly appears due to the legal requirement for one to be present to help achieve the required health and safety standards.…

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Toolbox Talks

What Are Toolbox Talks?

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Toolbox Talks are a useful method in addressing certain areas of health and safety. The talks are an informal safety meeting that can come in multiple forms including short presentations…

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Workplace Inspections

Conducting Workplace Inspections

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The ability to conduct your inspections correctly will help improve the quality of your health and safety management systems. This blog will discuss how to measure and monitor performance and…

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Health and Safety Training

Health and Safety Training

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Training is essential and is a legal requirement as per the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999. It is the employer’s responsibility to issue training to all…

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Plan, Do, Check, Act

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It is a legal requirement to have a clear and simple health and safety management system. Even with this, employers have to keep in mind that the workplace is always…

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Role Of The Supervisor In Health And Safety

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Supervisors should note that the successful running of a business largely depends on the employee’s ability to act safely in the workplace. Therefore, written health and safety policies are a…

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Encouraging Safe Practices From Employees in the Workplace

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You might have a sound set of Health and Safety policies and procedures for your workplace. However, if your employees don’t show commitment to following them, they aren’t going to…

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The Costs of Poor Health and Safety

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Health and Safety policies and procedures are essential to the smooth running of any workplace. Without them, the workplace would be chaotic and dangerous. If your Health and Safety policies…

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Cold Weather Hazards

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Winter has arrived and the temperatures have dropped. Apart from being cold, the weather can be dangerous. This article will look at identifying some of the common hazards associated with…

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Sure Safety – A Year In Review

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As 2017 draws to a close, we reflect on some of Sure Safety’s best moments of the year. We have experienced a lot of change and expansion this year, making…

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