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Counter in a Cafe with the title 'What are the most common injuries in the workplace within the hospitality sector?' across the image.

What are the most common injuries in the workplace within the hospitality sector?

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According to the latest UK HSE health and safety information, the most common injuries in the workplace within the hospitality sector are: slips, trips and falls; lifting, manual handling and upper limb disorders; contact with hot surfaces and harmful substances; dermatitis; and cuts from knives. These injuries contribute to the accommodation and food services industry having an above average rate of workplace injury.

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Text reads: What's in your Accident Book? Picture showing a man lying on the floor having fallen in a work setting. There is a yellow hard hat lying upside down in the foreground.

What’s in your Accident Book?

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As the end of the year draws near, we recommend conducting a review of your 2019 ‘accident book’. Through analysing accidents and near misses, patterns can be identified to highlight key health and safety areas for improvement, as well as successes from previous improvement actions. Looking forward to 2020, the areas for improvement can be used to build an action plan and set targets for the coming year.

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HSE Releases Health and Safety at Work Statistics 2019

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As the HSE release the latest health and safety at work statistics for 2018/19, in this blog we review the latest data, summarising the key drivers and changes year-on-year for work-related ill health and workplace injury. We highlight the costs to businesses, understand the picture at an industry level and review how the UK compares to other European countries.

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Image showing a Retail Shopping Centre

Retail Health & Safety: Working Together to Improve Safety at Work

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With the golden quarter around the corner, we explore the most common retail health and safety risks and the key elements needed to develop an effective retail health and safety culture. Through management commitment, walking the talk and collaboration, staff and customers can get home safe.

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Health & Safety Training is critical for business across industries. Image shows managers and warehouse staff discussing over a tablet screen.

Health & Safety Training – Time for an Audit?

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Use our 5-Step guide to delivering effective health & safety training. Staying on top of health & safety training needs, for yourself and your team, keeps everyone safe and ensures…

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