Top 10 Summer Health & Safety Tips for Pubs, Cafés & Restaurants

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Over the bank holiday weekend many people will be getting away to the coast, or enjoying the sun in pubs, cafés and restaurants across South Wales. For hospitality businesses keeping everyone safe is a priority.

While customers are outside making the most of the sun, pub and restaurant teams will be hard at work making the most of the increase in people through their doors. A long weekend simply adds to the daily operational challenges, as customers look to take advantage of the extra day, kick back and get together with family & friends. One of the most important elements to prepare for is good health and safety (H&S) practice.

Pubs, cafes and restaurants manage a diverse set of health and safety risks on a day-to-day basis. According to a publication by HSE, the main causes of accidents and ill health in the hospitality and catering industry are: slips, trips and falls; lifting and manual handling; contact with hot surfaces and harmful substances; cuts; dermatitis; upper limb disorders. Proactive health and safety management at busier times, as well as considering the additional risks posed by a warm bank holiday weekend, is key to ensuring both staff and customers get home safe.

Here’s our Top 10 Summer Health & Safety Tips for Pubs, Cafés & Restaurants:

  1. Ensure seasonal or temporary staff working over the bank holiday have received a full H&S briefing, sharing any particular watch outs which are specific to your buildings or layout.
  2. If you’ve got outside space where customers might be tempted to remove their shoes, regular glass collecting should help reduce the risk of cuts from empty glasses ending up on the floor.
  3. Avoid overflowing fridges and freezers to ensure food is kept at a suitable temperature. You want your customers to stay well after they’ve left.
  4. More speed, less haste is a good motto to keep in mind. Additional staff and a high volume of customers naturally means more traffic passing through main areas. Keep walk ways clear and encourage your teams to move cautiously, especially if carrying food and drink.
  5. Customers drinking out in the sun for prolonged periods run the risk of sun-stroke. Providing parasols for shade and a water dispenser with glasses will help keep them hydrated.
  6. Don’t forget your four legged customers too. A topped-up water bowl in a shady spot will be very welcome.
  7. Check any trip hazard and low door warnings are well maintained and ‘wet floor’ signs are to hand in case of spillages.
  8. Kitchens are hot at the best of times, ensure the kitchen is well ventilated and cool drinks for the team are readily available.
  9. Sometimes the revelry can turn into arguments among customers, or they need to be told they can no longer be served, staff should be trained to manage these situations politely, and be aware who to call on if they need support from a manager.
  10. Finally, ensure the team are clear on how to respond to any accidents that do arise, as well as who needs to be informed, and what information is needed, for the accident log.

Proactive planning, plus a team committed to good health and safety practice, will go a long way to ensuring it’s a great bank holiday for your customers, your team and your business.

If you own or run a pub, café or restaurant and would like to hear more about how Sure Safety Consultancy can support you to manage your health and safety regulatory compliance, procedures and training, or if you just want some straight-forward advice, please contact us by email or call us on 029 2086 8802.