What Are Toolbox Talks?

Toolbox Talks
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Toolbox Talks are a useful method in addressing certain areas of health and safety. The talks are an informal safety meeting that can come in multiple forms including short presentations or group activities. The talks can cover a variety of topics such as, use of ladders, manual handling and employee duties. This blog will look at why you should conduct Toolbox Talks and how Sure Safety can help.

Characteristics of Toolbox Talks

Below are some key characteristics of a Toolbox Talk:

  • Usually held before the start of the day or shift.
  • Held regularly, for example, weekly.
  • Last no longer than 15 minutes
  • Stimulate health and safety discussions
  • Address key safety issues within the workplace

The nature of the talk will largely depend on the industry and workplace. Try and involve the workforce as much as possible to maximise engagement. Listen to their feedback and incorporate this into your next talk. If there is no engagement, the workforce will fail to see the point of the talk and see it more as a burden.

Benefits Of Toolbox Talks

Every employer has a duty to inform, instruct and train their employees so that the can act safely in the workplace. Toolbox talks are a way of working towards this. Other benefits include:

Reminds employees of safe practices. Regular meetings give you the opportunity to remind your employees on the best way to operate in the workplace. It’s a good time to discuss any situations you’re unhappy with and think about what could be improved.

Provides clarity. The meetings will allow employees to ask any questions or put forward any concerns. Therefore, by giving them an answer you are providing clarity and putting them in the right direction.

Keep employees happy and safe. By holding these meetings, you are showing your commitment to the safety of your workforce. In turn, your commitment will improve their morale, resulting in increased productivity.

Legislation changes. Toolbox Talks provide a quick way to discuss any changes in legislation that could have an impact on some job roles.

Ultimately, the benefits of Toolbox Talks is that they will help reduce the number of accidents in the workplace.


Eric’s Top Tip

Eric had this to say about Toolbox Talks: Originally Toolbox Talks were aimed at the construction industry and they would be carried out whilst sat on their toolboxes. Today, they can be used across multiple industries. Look to introduce these into your workplace to make it a safer environment and reduce the likelihood of accidents.



How Sure Safety Can Help

With Sure Safety, we put the client first. Tell us your needs and requirements and with the use of our unique pricing matrix, we will generate an offer that works for you. We know safety can be seen as a burden, so we will keep it simple. In terms of Toolbox Talks, Sure Safety can design and deliver a programme of Toolbox Talks to your workforce or provide the tools to allow you to do this.

If you would like to arrange a meeting with one of our consultants, call us on 029 2086 8802 or email info@suresafety.org.

Sure Safety can offer consultancy in the following areas: Health and Safety, Risk Assessment, Fire, Accreditation, Training and Policies, Planning and Management Systems. For more information on these services, look at our website. Furthermore, you can check out our Twitter or Facebook or LinkedIn.

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