Why you should hire an external Health and Safety Consultant

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Benefits of an external Health and Safety Consultant

The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 state that a company must appoint a competent health and safety advisor. However, a company does not necessarily need to employ a Health and Safety Manager. Employing full time Health and Safety Managers can be expensive, therefore companies can look to an external consultant. But why else should you consider hiring a consultant? Below are few of the many benefits of hiring a consultant.

Firstly, as an external consultant, we can offer a fresh pair of eyes. We are more likely to identify those risk which may have become part of the daily activities of the in-house team. It is important to bring someone with limited exposure to the site because the smallest of risks can have large consequences if missed.

Secondly, an external consultant can save you time, which you can use to focus on running your business. This is because we can carry out necessary assessments and supply all the required policies to you, so you can comply with the legislation.

In addition, any organisational politics won’t be known to the external consultant, therefore eliminating any biases which could occur. Organisations can have internal disputes which can affect the judgement of the in-house team. The external consultant will remain impartial and give a true reflection of the health and safety management This leads to the creation of a genuine report identifying all the changes required by law.

Furthermore, the standard of consultancy remains consistent with each client and site. This ensures no one is receiving special treatment. Allowing the consultant to use their specialist knowledge to make sure your premises is up to standard.

What Sure Safety Consultancy Can offer:

At Sure Safety, we provide a competent person service, which can deliver all the benefits of a Health and Safety manager at a fraction of the cost to the business. It is our belief that one size does not fit all. We therefore tailor our services to meet the need of the client with the help of our pricing matrix. As one of our clients, Sure Safety can provide ongoing support or advice over the phone or email. Regardless of the problem’s nature, we will be there waiting for your call to help make safety simple for you.

Sure Safety offers a wide variety of services. Firstly, our consultants can complete on site visits and undergo a number of assessments to help identify any problems. Services can include assessments of current safety arrangements or carrying out an accident investigation report.

Have a look at what Little Cherubs, Cardiff, had to say about our competent person services: ‘Katie’s service gives us the peace of mind needed and keeps us feeling reassured we are doing everything we should be to ensure that the nursery is a safe place to both work and play’.

Little Cherubs - Day Nursery Cardiff

Sure Safety can offer consultancy in the following areas: Health and Safety, Risk Assessment, Fire, Accreditation, Training and Policies, Planning and Management Systems. For more information on these services, look at our website. Furthermore, you can check out our Twitter: @suresafetyuk 

To arrange a consultation with one of our consultants, call 0292 086 8802 or email info@suresafety.com.

Because safety doesn’t happen by accident.