Elf and Safety around Christmas

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With Christmas approaching, it’s the time of year businesses like to get festive. However, getting in that festive mood can bring potential hazards into the workplace. This article will look to give advice on common issues surrounding Christmas in the workplace.

Firstly, a common decoration is Fairy lights. They light up the premises but due to the wiring and use of electricity, they may be unsafe. Make sure that you buy your Fairy lights from a reputable source. This way you avoid buying faulty lights reducing the risk of fires. Furthermore, always look for a CE marking which shows the product has conformed to European standards. Whilst it’s acceptable to reuse your Fairy lights, make sure you give them a visual check before using them. Don’t take the risk.

Secondly, Christmas attracts a lot of extra demand resulting in extra supply. You should safely store away any additional storage. Safe storage of any additional stock is important. Keep additional stock clear from escape routes and safely store it away to avoid anything falling. Failing to do this puts customers and staff in unnecessary danger. Review your fire risk assessment if you have a large amount of excess stock. It will tell you the correct procedures and what not to do. However, checking that your assessment is up to date and takes into account additional stock is vital.

Moreover, make sure that your decorations are out of the customer’s way. If not put up correctly, decorations can cause injury, especially wires which can be trip hazards. Securely affixing any hanging decorations is also important. Unsecure decorations can fall and consequently cause injury. Make sure that decorations don’t block any signage. Customers will need to see the signs for their own safety. This could leave you liable if an accident happened.

Another key check is to make sure fire and smoke alarms are in working order. These alarms can be the first point of call if a fire breaks out. This could be the difference between life and death. A heavily decorated premises increases the risk of fire, resulting in the need for fire detection around the whole premises. Use your fire risk assessment documents as a means of identifying these issues. Check your alarms weekly. Furthermore, you can contact a Health and Safety consultant if you are unsure.

Finally, never leave burning candles unattended, especially in the centre of an artificial arrangement. If the candle catches, the fire can spread at a rapid rate, resulting in devastating consequences. Look what happened to this Christmas Tree when it caught on fire.

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