Safety Systems In Procurement (SSIP)

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SSIP stands for Safety Systems in Procurement. Founded in 2009, SSIP is an umbrella organisation responsible for prequalification schemes and generating recognition between member schemes. This results in the need for only one health and safety standard which is transferable across different contracts. Therefore, if you are accredited for one, it will be recognised by another. The process works by the selected scheme conducting a desktop audit of your health and safety documentation. For example, your health and safety policy, risk assessments and training records. This is to make sure you’re up to the regulated standards. You will need to…

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What Causes Accidents In The Workplace?

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An accident is an unplanned and unwanted event leading to loss, harm or damage. They can lead to fatalities or simply be near misses. Either way, they can have a large impact on the business. Click here to see the impacts of an accident in the workplace. This blog will be looking at some of the most common causes of workplace accidents. Human Factors Human Factors are elements that can affect an employee’s behaviour. This is the greatest cause of accidents. It essentially looks at what individuals do and why they do it. Certain Human Factors can lead to an…

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Role Of The Supervisor In Health And Safety

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Supervisors should note that the successful running of a business largely depends on the employee’s ability to act safely in the workplace. Therefore, written health and safety policies are a requirement. These policies discuss certain procedures and how to act appropriately in the workplace. As a supervisor, it is your responsibility to correctly implement the policies. In addition, you must make sure everyone understands them. This blog will be looking at some of the main responsibilities a supervisor will have. A supervisor is an individual with authority over another individual, individuals or work area. A supervisor’s role can vary from…

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Fire Safety in the Workplace

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Fires can be devastating. Without the proper safety equipment and procedures, they can spread rapidly putting employees, customers and your premises at risk. It is your legal obligation to have sufficient measures to prevent the outbreak of a fire. Failure to do this could lead to substantial fines or even imprisonment. This article will be discussing common fire prevention methods. Fire Prevention  Fire prevention consists of two categories; the physical building and people management. Physical Building Escape routes: Escape routes need to be clearly identified and quickly lead people to a safe place. Avoid the use of anything electrical, such…

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Encouraging Safe Practices From Employees in the Workplace

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You might have a sound set of Health and Safety policies and procedures for your workplace. However, if your employees don’t show commitment to following them, they aren’t going to be effective. This article will discuss a number of ways to increase the commitment of your employees to acting safely at work. Increasing Commitment: Training It is important to make sure employees are aware of how to act safely at work. Following policies and procedures can be difficult if you can’t understand them. Therefore, you should educated employees on what the policies mean and how to appropriately follow them. A…

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The Costs of Poor Health and Safety

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Health and Safety policies and procedures are essential to the smooth running of any workplace. Without them, the workplace would be chaotic and dangerous. If your Health and Safety policies and procedures aren’t to an adequate level, the costs could be huge and derail the progress of the business. This blog will identify some of the most common costs a business could face. Accidents are no stranger in the workplace. According to the HSE there is at least one fatality every working day. Accidents can cause rippling effects in all areas of the business and the individual’s personal life. This…

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Cold Weather Hazards

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Winter has arrived and the temperatures have dropped. Apart from being cold, the weather can be dangerous. This article will look at identifying some of the common hazards associated with cold weather and how to appropriately deal with them. Firstly, cold weather will often lead to ice. Ice can form in and around your premises. For example, an entrance to a supermarket. Ice is a slip hazard and can be very dangerous due to the difficulty in finding traction on the floor. This means it is important to identify the risks of ice early to eradicate the chance of slipping.…

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Sure Safety – A Year In Review

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As 2017 draws to a close, we reflect on some of Sure Safety’s best moments of the year. We have experienced a lot of change and expansion this year, making it exciting and action packed. We want to thank everyone who has worked with us and we look forward to working with you again in 2018! Awards Firstly, being nominated, recognised and even winning awards was a big highlight of the year. It’s great to see that the team’s hard work is paying off and we hope to continue thriving next year. Below are the awards we were recognised for:…

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Accidents in the workplace

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Avoidable accidents can happen in the workplace. Employers shouldn’t look to point a finger of blame, instead they should look to learn from the event. The more prepared you are, the better you can deal with the situation and limit any repercussions. This article will be looking at what an accident is and how you should respond. What is an accident? An accident is an unplanned or unwanted event that results in loss, damage or harm. They can range from having no impact at all to completely derailing business activity. Accidents can become part of a trend and embed into…

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Who is Eric? Meet the man on a mission

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Who is Eric? Eric is not your typical 35 year old from Caerphilly, he is a man on a mission. Eric’s sole purpose is to make the World a safer place. No job is too big or too small. From trailing leads to unreliable smoke alarms, he wants to eradicate all potential workplace hazards. But who is Eric? Eric is a Health and Safety Guru. He can spot a hazard from a mile off and always knows the exact way to deal with it. His spare time consists of reading the latest Health and Safety Regulations, whilst updating and improving…

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